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In 1979 several Freemasons of Horsa Dun Lodge No. 3123, meeting in Harrow, who were Freemasons of Scottish origin decided that there should be a Lodge in the Province of Middlesex for membership drawn from those born in Scotland or who had Scottish ancestry. This decision was influenced by the fact that there was a Middlesex St David's Lodge No. 5460 for those Freemasons with Welsh ancestry and a St Patricks Lodge No. 5742 for those Freemasons with Irish ancestry.


Our Immediate Past Master

Enquiries were made to United Grand Lodge of England and the Province of Middlesex who both gave their blessing to such a lodge being formed in Harrow. It was decided that the new Masonic Lodge be named Middlesex St Andrew's Lodge and UGLE issued a warrant with the registration Number 8897. All Lodges believe that theirs is the best Lodge in the area but ours really is!
We meet at the Harrow District Masonic Centre on the 4th Friday in November, January, March and June. It was felt that the November and January meetings should be held near to St Andrew's Day in November and Robert Burns' birthday in January.
There were 20 Founder members and the consecration ceremony which was held at Harrow Masonic Centre on Friday 29th November 1979 when there were about 100 Freemasons present with masonic visitors from other Provinces and Lodges.

Photo taken at the first Lodge Meeting in January 1980
Bottom Row; J.W.Miller, A.Carey, W.J.Carey,Snr, W.J.Carey,Jnr, G.C.Crombie, M.S.Horne, J.D.McAlpine, J.H.Holloway, S.Taggart (Tyler), H.McAdam, A.Hope-Wade.
Centre Row; W. Crighton. G.Oram, T.G.Read, A.B. Findlay, A.Taylor, G.Currie, K.B.Clement
Top Row; R.W.Hodgson, W.Mackintosh, R. Cumming, H. Havelock, A.Todd, W.Thomson, G.Todd, I.Campbell, E.Handyside, I.G. Watson, P.Grant

Over the years since 1979 there have been joining members and initiates and the unwritten preference that all members should have Scottish ancestry has been relaxed to ensure that the Lodge continues to go from strength to strength as was the wish of the 20 Founder members.